home portfolio contact about No one knows your story better than you. No one tells it better than Story Tailors. While planning our own wedding a while back, we sought out the services of local videographers to help us film our Love Story. The idea is not a new one. However, it usually involved a rather generic collection of romantic shots or at best, a cute but recycled screenplay. We thought the real story of how we met and fell in love was deserving of its own screenplay and certainly would make for great entertainment for our wedding guests.

What we wanted to show was a clever recreation of what really happened, not a regurgitated romance novel. True to our “do-it-yourself” nature, we ambitiously decided to take on the project ourselves with the agreement that if it doesn’t work out, we’ll seek professional help – video and otherwise. Armed with a home camcorder, a broken tripod, and some clever ideas we set to work on our project. We shot the final scene 2 days before our wedding day and finished editing that same night. To this day, that 10 minute film is the most remembered part of our wedding. We showed it just at the beginning of the reception and it set the tone for the entire event! We had our guests in a great mood and laughing before the party even got started.

It wasn’t long before requests for our video production services began to pour in. Several such projects later, with a fully functioning tripod and broadcast quality equipment, we decided it was necessary to justify our addiction with the birth of Story Tailors.

See the movie that started it all!~Michael & Victoria Drob